Workplace Mediation

  • Team members who can’t get on with each other?
  • Long standing workplace disagreements?
  • Personality clashes at work?
  • Stress related sickness absence?
  • Employees who just won’t do what’s reasonably asked of them?

If any of these sound familiar to you then mediation may be an answer.

Workplace mediation can deliver a lasting solution to, and successfully address, seemingly intractable problems and difficulties in workplace relationships, primarily between individuals but also in teams. Mediation provides an opportunity for people to have more effective and productive conversations through a facilitated process.

Workplace mediation helps you to deal with workplace conflict – often caused by factors such as poor communication, cultural differences, unclear job roles, inadequate training and perceived unfair treatment. Conflict prevents individuals and teams from working effectively and productively together and can lead to increased absenteeism, lost productivity, poor performance, low morale, workplace sabotage and, increasingly, litigation – all of which have very real time and cost implications for your business or organisation.

Workplace mediation is a voluntary, impartial and confidential process which brings individuals together to talk, supported by a facilitator, and to work on and reach their own solutions. It encourages cooperation and helps people to explore things they may not have spoken about before.

Typically a mediation process will take between 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of people involved. Compare this with the time taken (and number of people involved) in resolving conflict and disputes through some more traditional methods – grievance and disciplinary policies.

If you think there may be a situation in your company or organisation where workplace mediation could help, do call for a no obligation confidential discussion about whether mediation might be appropriate and how mediation might help.