Independent Investigations

There are many instances where you may need to conduct an investigation – disciplinary cases, grievances from staff or complaints about bullying or harassment to name a few. Often this can be done very effectively by someone inside the organisation but there are instances where commissioning an independent external investigator can help – for example where the most senior members of the organisation are involved, where there isn’t the capacity internally to devote time to a thorough and timely investigation or where there have been complaints about bias and favouritism and you need an extra level of impartiality.

Our service includes:

  • Early discussion with you to determine whether formal investigation is the most appropriate action (for example, some situations may benefit from a less formal approach, such as mediation)
  • Agreeing the scope and extent of any agreed formal investigation, establishing the exact nature of the matter to be investigated
  • Fact finding – interviewing witnesses and others involved, reviewing any relevant documentary evidence – emails, reports, policies, social media communication etc
  • Analysing the facts and evidence and drawing conclusions about matters such as witness credibility
  • Writing a comprehensive report documenting findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • Providing feedback to relevant parties
  • Acting as a witness at hearings or tribunals

We approach each situation requiring investigation with objectivity, confidentiality, thoroughness and timeliness.

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