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Published in 2016 by the HR profession’s professional body, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Human Resource Practice (Martin M, Whiting F) is the definitive introductory text on HR. Written in an accessible way and taking a practical approach through the use of case studies and activities, the book delivers all the skills and knowledge required by HR professionals. The purpose is to set out a practical approach to HR useful to line managers, new HR practitioners and HR students alike.

Human Resource Practice

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‘This is a comprehensive and easy to read book – with updated revisions, references and links – that will be useful to HR practitioners in their first few years, both in their studies and as a resource for their working lives.’
Harry Puckering, Assoc. CIPD, Executive Director, Oakwood International

‘This updated text is a must have for all HR professionals and an ideal companion for CIPD students. It covers the key areas of practical HR management and is an invaluable resource.’

Chris Bradshaw, CIPD Tutor, Home Learning College